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I agree with the Prime Minister

I agree with the Prime Minister


Editor, IN A joint radio programme aired on We FM, NCB and Star Radio on Sunday, January 20 in which Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves was the guest, he dealt with a multiplicity of social, economic, labour and educational issues. I would like to agree with him on a point regarding the latter.

Everyone and anyone who is educationally inclined should endeavour to upgrade and pursue their dream of a higher education with gusto.

However in our quest and subsequent achievement of a higher education, we must apply the knowledge we now have to those less fortunate than ourselves, thus ensuring that they too enjoy educational benefits.

The Prime Minister’s point that teachers who are the holders of degrees should be concerned about the content of their subjects being taught, was a valid one. In addition, he implied that if teachers are not sufficiently motivated to do so, failing to structure the pedagogy consistently, causing the students not to recognise them is futile.

Some of our teachers on achieving their degrees become complacent and lose their enthusiasm and motivation to deal with challenged pupils and students at both the primary and secondary school levels.

I am not bashing teachers here. I am just being realistic and objective. I was part of the teaching system and I am writing from firsthand experience. The Prime Minister was absolutely correct in bringing this reality in the public domain.

Patmos Richards