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Disappointed in the Union Leaders

Disappointed in the Union Leaders


EDITOR: I, along with many Vincentians am disappointed by the non attendance at the meeting at the Prime Minister’s office of the Union Leaders of the SVGTU, PSU and the PWA due to their refusal to surrender their mobile phones to the security.

It is a known fact that this is the standard procedure when visiting the PM’s office; that your cell phone be turned off and left with the Security.

However, the question needs to be asked, “Is their personal telephone more important than the business of their members?” Also what is so special about having their cell phones with them at the meeting, that they just could not leave them with security? Is it that they had something ‘fishy’ planned beforehand that required the cell phones? So that without the cell phones it would be meaningless?

The members and their concerns ought to always take precedence over their personal agenda. Is it that they are playing politics?

No union or organization ought to allow itself to be used as a tool for party politics and further, no group or union ought to allow itself to play party politics with members’ concerns and business.

It will be a sad time if unions or organizations allow themselves to be used for party politics for in the end they will suffer.

Had they complied and attended the meeting then they would have had a voice to disagree and if possible call out their members to protest. But they having failed to attend, have no voice and so cannot call upon members to protest. Their refusing to comply with procedure is indeed sad.

For we know that in schools, a student cannot be seen with a cell phone during class and I am certain that the teachers who are part of the union would normally ensure that this procedure is carried out. Similarly at the prisons, a person when entering has to leave his/her phone with the gate officer. This we know is for security purpose.

So why is there a refusal by these personals to obey instructions?

Do they expect persons under their watch or supervision to obey instructions when they themselves don’t?

I therefore suggest that since these leaders and executive members have failed their membership, that either a vote of no confidence is brought against them or that members withdraw their membership from such organizations.

They, it seems, have a personal agenda and not the interest of their members.

Therefore they are unfit to be leaders in their respective organizations. But that is for the members to decide.

Being a political tool for any party is not worth it. In the end you will live to regret it, for it will not bring you fame nor gain. If you don’t believe me, just look at the Vincentian and Caribbean politics.

The interest of the members of any trade union or organization must take precedence over personal agendas.

An Onlooker