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Homosexuality: a perverted spirit of lust


Editor: Abomination — homosexuality and abortion are sin! And what does Almighty God YAHUVEH has to say about this? You prefer to listen to man who rewrites YUH laws. They tell you that to kill innocent babies in the womb is not a sin. They legalize abortions.{{more}} The preachers who teach in your church do not speak against the law. The organized churches who meet on Sundays have taken the bribe of the governments of this world. They have taken the spirit of fear and worn it as garments. Where are YAH’s Holy Ministers who have not compromised and still speak against sin? Your man-made laws, legalize what YAH said is an abomination. They call it same sex marriage. Not even in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah have there been such sins, although the abomination of homosexuality abounded, but they did not dare call it a marriage. Those who have embraced abortion not spoken out against it, pastors, you who call yourself leaders and are no leaders of YAH. You have no excuse before YAH if you do not repent of this atrocity.

The blood shall never come off your hand! For the screams of unborn echo in heaven’s ears and though they’re safely taken home, they still want judgment down here. This is what is spoken of in part what you read in the Bible. The souls underneath the altar want judgment and they cry out and they say how much longer? How much longer! (Rev 6:10). Do you not know that those children are put on an altar of sacrifice to Molech? (Psalm 106:38, Lev: 20:2). Homosexuality is a perverted spirit of lust and not a birth defect, but sin and it is sent by Satan to mock YAHUVEH. He will take vengeance in ways that will prove he is not easily mocked. Homosexuality is just another life style you want to teach, but it’s the darkness from hell that has kept you from seeing the light of truth. This is an abomination unto YAH. YAH sent you AIDS for a wake-up call and you ignored YAH and try and find cures.

YAH descendant