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Look beyond party, vote for country


Editor: As we move closer to the day for general elections, there are some important issues that need to be considered in determining the way we, as Vincentians, should vote.

While trying not to be caught up in party politics, I know that we would appreciate the fact that it is our God given right to vote or not to vote. However, we must look beyond party and see the good of the country.{{more}}

While for the NDP the granting of honorary citizenship seems to be trump card for them, to most Vincentians it is not. For granting of such has raised many questions that have not been answered. To most Vincentians, it is the bread and butter issues. It is putting food on the table every day. This promise will hold little weight to most Vincentians.

What is of importance amongst the many questions, such as creation of employment and education, is the foreign policy of the four political parties. Foreign policy and its relationship will definitely determine the success or failure of any government and the development or lack thereof of any country.

While we appreciate the fact that the two major parties have a core of supporters who will support them regardless, there are at least 10 per cent of voters who can make a difference in terms of success or failure of a party at the polls. These persons many times vote on issues. Thus the foreign policy serves as a driving force amongst other issues in determining the way they vote.

We have already seen and know where the ULP stands in terms of who they align themselves with as part of their foreign policies. We have also seen what it brought to this country in terms of its development or lack thereof when it comes to foreign policy.

Therefore, we need to hear from the remaining three parties what their foreign policies are and who they would align themselves with. Cuba, many had regarded as evil and communist and building a relationship with them was seen as evil and dictatorial. However, the great USA has now established or is soon to establish an embassy for Cuba and thousands of American travel regularly to that country.

With a good foreign policy our country can benefit in education which can create employment and a way out of poverty. Soft loans and grants can be received to do development projects, thus creating employment and so putting food on the table.

More can be said, but we need to hear from their parties about their foreign policies in order for many of us to determine who to vote for. Come clean and let us know so that we can vote intelligently.

Kennard King