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Olympia Academy: a quality primary education


Editor: It has come to my attention that persons have been misleading others regarding the status and role of the Olympia Academy, situated in Kingstown.

This school is NOT for children with Special Needs, as it has been rumoured to be, by people who should know better.{{more}}

Before pupils are accepted at Olympia Academy, they are given detailed diagnostic tests which indicate their scholastic ability; children have to be of average to above average ability to be accepted at the school. Pupils are taught using methods which sharpen and strengthen their Reading, Language, Penmanship, Numeracy and Scientific skills. The aim of this school is to produce well-rounded pupils who will have a strong primary school foundation on which to build at a secondary level.

Too many of our nation’s children are inadequately prepared for secondary school. Many have problems with basic reading, writing and mathematics (as for their scientific knowledge – much can be said). Olympia Academy successfully addresses these issues.

As an educator, parent and grandparent, I speak from experience. I have had and continue to have a personal and professional relationship with this school. I have observed that one school term, approximately three months of attending Olympia Academy, has brought about a positive change in a child who had previously attended another school from Grade 1, up to repeating Grade 5. It is my considered opinion that with the intervention of Olympia Academy, this child, on returning to the original primary school was able to confidently and with added self-confidence handle the curriculum and successfully complete CPEA examinations.

Olympia Academy is an accredited primary school, which caters to pupils of various academic abilities, and between the ages of 6 and 11. Olympia Academy teaches all curriculum subjects. However, the school’s main focus is developing and strengthening the reading, writing, spelling, language and numeracy skills of all its pupils, so that children work at or above their ability. As the school has high standards each child is better equipped for secondary school.

I have noticed that Olympia Academy also provides after-school classes, which are well attended by pupils of other schools – therefore, why is the school being given incorrect labels?

In concluding, I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Olympia Academy to any parent or guardian wishing for a quality primary education for your child.

Valerie Joy Cato