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Chase after peace – stay happy!


Editor: “My oh my! Why did she have to leave her porch and come out in the road to confront her opponents?” The result? She, at her youthful 15 years of age, met her death at the hand of a 12-year-old girl. Often, some people are in the habit of confronting others when they get into an argument/quarrel with someone.{{more}} How much better it is to follow the advice that God gives in His Word at Romans 14:19! (Please read all Scriptures). Yes, when we “follow after the things which make for peace,” we avoid unnecessary injury and possibly death. Some tend to feel that they must show their opponent that they are not afraid of them. They do not wish to be viewed as weak and coward. So they must go up to face the opponent and show how bad they are. According to the ALL-WISE God, the Creator of us who knows BEST, unnecessarily confronting others is certainly NOT wise at all. Avoid the confrontation in the first place and preserve our health and lives. That is being civilized and sensible. Be peaceable. Romans 12:18. Walk away before a quarrel begins. Proverbs 17:14. Take another road if the one you’re walking on might lead you into trouble. Proverbs 27:12. Like God’s servant David of ancient times, act as though you are deaf when someone insults you on the street or elsewhere, even if the one who insults you does so in the presence of others. Psalms 38: 12 – 15. Bite your lips, if need be, and stay quiet. Doing these things is manly; it shows that you are wise and sensible. You please the greatest person in the universe, Almighty God. Therefore, chase after peace; hold on to it and stay happy.

Pursue Peace!