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What can help us to successfully keep off demons?


Editor: In light of the recent episodes of increased demonic activities, I feel obliged to write this article. As the public knows by now, everyone is warned against playing certain games on the computer, among other things. Satan and the demons are real. Since the time for their activities and their existence is getting shorter, they are getting angrier each moment. Revelation 12:12. {{more}}Many persons are presently very scared. So logically, some persons may ask: What can we do to protect ourselves from being harmed by demons? A good recommendation I have that has worked with many persons worldwide who were under demonic influence, is found at Chapter 10 of the book, “WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REALLY TEACH?” Specifically, paragraphs 14 to 18, found on pages 103 to 105, provide us with practical things that can be done, according to the Scriptures, to help us protect ourselves against Satan and his demons. Why not request the book mentioned above when the religious people visit you at your home or meet you on the street or elsewhere? I guarantee you that you’ll find the information very helpful in this scary time.