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Can we do more to prevent possible harm or death?


Editor: It has become a serious concern in some areas when someone who is mentally unsound walks about with an instrument that can be used to harm someone. For example, a man considered to be “crazy” in a community may walk about freely with a cutlass, or knife, looking vicious. This causes some villagers, including children on their way to school, to panic. A child may run back home. A parent or some other adult may then have to accompany that child to school to ensure the child’s safety.{{more}}

Can the authorities and the police do something about this matter? Can the public be asked to DISCREETLY inform the police immediately about any person known to be mentally defective, who is carrying a weapon or instrument that can be used as a weapon? Can the police then respond right away and seize the instrument that the person possesses? Can they also seek medical help for the person, if need be, or get his family member(s) to do so? (The list of phone numbers for police stations can be found on page 8 of the blue page “Government Listing” in our present 2014 -2015 telephone book.

I recommend that we save the telephone number of the nearest police station on our cell phones, also the number of Police Headquarters in Kingstown. Can persons be more watchful of those in their families who are not sound mentally? Further, the law can be enforced that requires persons to have their cutlasses properly wrapped or covered in an appropriate way while walking the street.

Really, if we put things in place to help prevent possible bodily injury or death to someone innocent, that will be a most helpful thing to do. “Prevention is BETTER than cure.” Why wait for something tragic to happen? Why can’t the authorities and the police do something NOW to avoid, or at least lessen the possibility of terrible, sad occurrences later on? Let us step up and do more to protect our people!

Great Cause for Concern