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Say NO to same sex marriages


Editor: Homosexuality is fast becoming a very popular lifestyle. Although we are regarded as a Christian society, yet society is fast embracing it.{{more}}

Homosexuality is a choice of individuals and there can never be any justifiable reason why anyone should get into that lifestyle. It is certainly not in the genes, as one professor stated many years ago. Another myth is that a person is born a homosexual. It is simply an act of rebellion against GOD, his creation and nature (Romans 1:28).

God never intended that two men and two women be joined together as one. In the beginning he made Adam and took a rib from Adam and made Eve. He told them to be fruitful and multiply. It was never two persons of the same sex. That is why men and women have different sex organs. Thus, in creation it was male and female he created (Genesis 1:27).

It would be a sad day if the politicians should ever legalize same sex marriage. It will bring a curse on this nation and no amount of political change would erase that curse. I know we cannot change people and it is people’s choice of who they want to be and what lifestyle they want to follow. So, those who choose this lifestyle, let them do so and suffer the consequences. I, therefore, wonder what discussion there ought to be on same sex marriage. It is simply wrong and that is it.

I call upon us as Christians to pray earnestly and hard that this will never become legal in this country of ours. For, if it is allowed to become legal, the wrath of God will fall upon us. Are we going to bring a curse upon this nation because of money?

I know many persons will argue that this is not the only sin. I do agree it is not the only sin; however, God classes this practice as an abomination, while fornication, adultery etc is not an abomination.

It is absurd for any one to agree to this practice unless he/she is gay. I am not advocating a hatred for the persons who are gay, but a condemnation of their lifestyle. I beg of us to turn away from this distasteful and abominable practice and turn to Jesus Christ. I pray that this nation will not join hands, no matter what pressures they face from international agencies to legalize same sex marriage. I will further add that there are persons on both sides of the political fence who are involved and support this abominable act.

I call upon this nation to reject any call for same sex marriage and to stay clear of embracing it. Furthermore, should any politician seek to push this subject they must be rejected. For this must never be a subject for discussion. GOD BLESS SVG.

Kennard King