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Statement in support of Camillo Gonsalves’ parliamentary campaign


Editor: “I am pleased and proud to offer my unequivocal support of Camillo Gonsalves as a candidate for parliament in our forthcoming elections. As a native son of the East St. George / Calliaqua constituency, I am especially enthused by the prospect of having our community represented by a leader of such unparalleled personal and professional accomplishment, experience and expertise.{{more}} In standing for elective office from our area, Camillo enjoys the overwhelming support of our community; he has emerged as our most worthy and eminently qualified successor to such visionary leaders as our own former Prime Minister Milton Cato, who represented the East St. George constituency and was the founding father of the modern Vincentian nation. I have no doubt that Camillo will carry forward that tradition of bold and enlightened leadership and that he will conduct the affairs of his office with honor, distinction and an abiding allegiance to the best interests of our people – not only in Calliaqua, but in our nation as a whole.

As an elected parliamentarian, Camillo Gonsalves will bring to that public responsibility an already outstanding record of public service on behalf of the Vincentian people at home and abroad. Prior to his appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, Commerce and Information Technology, he had served with distinction for nearly half a dozen years as our Permanent Representative to the United Nations. “Who is this young, impressive, bright man?” was the refraining question asked about Camillo by senior diplomats at the UN. I myself have interacted with Camillo in New York on many occasions in his capacity as UN ambassador and I have always been impressed by his depth of knowledge, his command of the issues and above all, his passion to serve the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

With young leaders like Camillo, our future as a nation will be secure. As a native of Calliaqua, I am proud to support his candidacy and I urge the good people of East St. George to join me in making Camillo Gonsalves our next representative in parliament. He will make us proud.”

Vaughan Toney, President/CEO

Friends of Crown Heights (New York)