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For me, Digicel IS the bigger, better network!


Fri Mar 20, 2015

Editor: I have been following the activity surrounding the LIME and FLOW merger and especially the public consultation. I thought that this exercise was informative and timely and well put together. I believe that both sides presented well and that now it is even clearer that we need to ensure that we must support and promote competition to facilitate a better experience for the customer.{{more}} Through this exercise, I think that all parties had to lay their cards on the table. It is now that I truly understand the value that I have with Digicel.

May I point out that Digicel still has the lowest rate at 59 cents; my children keep reminding me how much I save with their free Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. I can talk for three hours for free. How many times do I have to say free? I also want to highlight that I have both a LIME phone and a Digicel phone and when I compare the two, Digicel is faster. Not to mention that they give back to the people – they always have, and continue, even today in these hard economic times. So, for me, Digicel IS the bigger, better network!

Wilma Johnson