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Healing the nation


Fri Feb 13, 2015

Editor: The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines should not fight marijuana, but the criminal elements of marijuana who rob, steal and exploit poor farmers of their hard-earned labour. We the underprivileged of society, need a better way of life and the society in which we are living is not prepared to help us all in this fundamental regard; so some of us who are fighting poverty and disease choose to plant marijuana in order to take better care of ourselves and our families.{{more}}

Yet society is fighting us terribly in this sentimental regard, when most of us who plant marijuana for a living don’t mean society any real harm. All we truly desire is for us to have a better standard of living, by being able to provide proper food, clothes and shelter for our beloved families and be able to send our children to school to be properly educated and nutured into proper human beings.

Marijuana is a true gift from the most high creator and it was created by h.i.m for the natural service of man. So, why then do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing against the Almighty’s creation? All right-minded, thinking people should speak up and speak out on this vital issue. The Bible says the herbs are for the healing of the nation, and that also includes marijuana. And yet the legal system in which we are living is fighting against this vital herb, when really and truly they should be fighting against ignorance, poverty and disease, the true enemies of humanity, which are the main reasons for the many crimes and the violence in our communities today.

History be my witness, humanity will only get better when the fundamental rights and freedoms of every man, woman and child are protected and respected without partiality, regardless of race, class or creed. Let the truth be told, we should ever be mindful to remember that marijuana is not a harmful drug, but a natural plant. Most people are made to believe that marijuana is a drug, but this is also a myth, like many other illusions and misconceptions of life. Alcohol and cigarettes are way more dangerous and harmful than marijuana at any given time or season. I have never seen a man who uses marijuana hit his woman without a reason, unless he is mentally ill, but I have seen men who are alcoholic bad beat their women without reason or cause on many occasions, same so for the cigarette users. So many people die from lung cancer each and every year, yet they can’t really say the same for marijuana. Let’s face it people, the simple truth of the matter is that alcohol and cigarettes are very much detrimental to our health, while marijuana is very medicinal and is very good, not just for our health, but for our entire well-being; its just natural facts. It’s just business as usual for some people in our society to fight and suppress marijuana, just because they are being paid to do so, by you know who. Now, all we are asking is for the Government and the blessed people of St Vincent and the Grenadines to review their position on the marijuana issue and make some well needed amendment to the law, so we, the less fortunate of the society, can get some well-deserved economic justice and social equality.

We are not crimnals, but natural liberators. We only have a problem when misguided people choose to live off the labour of others.

Curth Clifton