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Carnival and child development


Fri Feb 13, 2015

Editor: I had a chance to witness the Red Cross organized Junior Carnival in Trinidad last Saturday, compliments FLOW and Gayelle TV. It was, for me, a most refreshing experience, one from which we can learn a thing or two.{{more}}

I am speaking here not about the quality of mas itself; we handle ourselves well in that area. The themes of the band portrayals were interesting, serving as educational lessons in history, geography and traditional mas. Additionally, at least from what I saw on stage, there was an absence of the vulgarity which has crept into our Junior mas and which ought to be addressed.

But what struck me most was the commentary provided by Gayelle. The commentary team included youngsters from the bands, who were allowed to both describe the presentations and to make comments on the bands. In this way not only were the youngsters being given exposure to the media, it also permitted them to develop their skills in expressing themselves, a very vital skill in today’s world.

Kudos to Gayelle for its creativity and attention to youth development. FLOW must also be congratulated for giving us exposure to Caribbean channels, a welcome break away from the cultural imperialism of the western media.

Renwick Rose