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We must wish others well


Tue Jan 27, 2015

Editor: Many persons have the tendency to look for the negative side of things. To some, it has become second nature and it is only when others fall that they tend to feel that they are progressing. We are no longer our brothers’ keeper.{{more}}

Some may see his or her co-worker doing something incorrectly, but do not point it out to him or her, hoping that the boss sees it and admonishes that individual. One of the most common situations is in extra-marital affairs. Very often if one recognizes that two persons are involved in an extramarital affair, instead of going to the persons involved and pointing out to them that what they are doing is not right and offer some guidance, he or she chooses to go to the other spouse, informing of what is taking place. The only objective is to create confusion and in some instances, the person carrying what we refer to as commess, is actually doing the same thing. The question is, why have we become so negative and find it so difficult to wish others well? The truth is, this mentality does not come overnight, but with constant practice. Just as we can practise good things, we can also practise bad ones.

Many fail to realize that when they hold ill feelings towards another person, it is having more of a negative effect on them than on the other individual. The build-up of this negative energy inside of you can even make you sick or affect your entire outward appearance.

We ought to make a conscious effort to rid our minds of these negative thoughts towards others. To be honest, it is often difficult to put away these thoughts, especially if someone offends you. You, however, have to keep on trying to put them away. We often hear the saying that you are what you think. This is definitely true, for this universe is simply an echo chamber. If you send out negative thoughts, you cannot expect positive things to come back towards you.

We often claim that we are a Christian society, but we select those parts of the Bible that we want to comply with and ignore the others. This is not the way it ought to be. So, from today, show some kindness, even to the homeless for they may need it more than others. As you continue showing this kindness and gratitude, things would begin to change for the better in your life.