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Promise of a better life


Fri, Jan 09, 2015

Editor: 2014 was a very challenging year for majority of Vincentians. We had difficulties with heath care, unemployment, natural disaster and criminal activities. The flood of 2013 Christmas Day had major impact on numerous Vincentians.{{more}}

Nemo, Red Cross, international agencies and Vincentians living abroad, we say thanks! Vincentians demonstrated a great level of care for one another. The only issue I saw was the duty the authorities (Government) placed on items that were sent to Vincentians through the NDP.

I pay very close attention to the Prime Minister; while I may not be a supporter of the ULP, I am a well-wisher. I remember hearing the Prime Minister saying that he has to make a better effort to live and communicate better with the Opposition leader Mr Eustace. Did the statement surprise me? Yes! Mainly because of some negative comments made by the Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves. I don’t have to remind you; we all know what was said.

This country has been divided because of politics. I’m hoping that the fact that the Prime Minister stated he hopes to live and communicate better with Mr Eustace, will cause persons like Hans King, Anthony Dennie and Burns Bonadie to take the Prime Minister’s promise into consideration and try to make a difference when they are hosting radio programmes for their political parties.

The Prime Minister made a declaration by words, but he needs to put these words into action. Hon Dr Gonsalves, you have to lead from in front. It’s not about scoring political points, it’s about St Vincent and the Grenadines. Elections will be held soon; the Prime Minister, Dr Gonsalves, would be trying for a fourth term.

The questions Vincentians are asking: Does he deserve another term? Should his party receive another chance? Are we better off having a change? Will the NDP under the leadership of Mr Eustace make a difference? It can’t get worse!

There were promises made by Dr Gonsalves when he was in Opposition, promises like putting more money into the marketing of tourism, job creation, Argyle international airport, creating a ministry to help the private sector and fighting crime and criminal activities. There is no doubt that the Prime Minister is trying, but he is coming to the end of his political career. I’m appealing to Vincentians to vote for quality parliamentarians in the next elections. Persons I recommend: Dr Ralph Gonsalves, Saboto Caesar, Frederick Stephenson, Carlos James, Jomo Thomas, Camillo Gonsalves, Arnhim Eustace, Dr Friday, Terrance Ollivierre, Daniel Cummings, St Claire Leacock and Lauron Baptiste.

Please put your country before party.

Kingsley DeFreitas