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Another look at divorce and marriage – Part 2


Fri, Jan 09, 2015

Editor: Paul, writing to Titus in Titus1:15, had this to say: “Unto the pure all things are pure, but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their minds and consciences are defiled.”{{more}}

Much of what passes for gospel today is based on misappropriations of the writings of the Apostle Paul, as was prophesied by Peter, his counterpart. Peter noted that much of Paul’s writings are hard to understand and that “the unlearned, (which includes some PhDs ) and unstable wrest them, to their own destruction.” Simply put, they apply them out of construct and out of context.

In Romans 7:3, he writes that a woman who is married to another, while her husband is still alive, shall be called an adulterer. Let us not forget that Jesus gave the command to some women to remarry in Deuteronomy 23 and Matthew 19. (Remember that the Bible should be studied line upon line and precept upon precept. Isaiah 28:10-13). What is Paul attempting here? He is certainly not thinking of marriage, but using an analogy to show the relationship between justification through receiving the works of Christ, as opposed to acquiring it through efforts at keeping the law.

The vast majority of religious organizations do not marry divorcees, even though a considerable number of them that sit at their communion tables are shameless, unconverted, practising fornicators, something Paul warned against. They live in shacked up relationships or practise sleeping over at spouses’ homes. There is one organization that adamantly opposes divorcees, yet their leader told the world he saw nothing wrong with marrying gays and homosexuals. Jesus refers to these as “blind guides who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.” Matthew 23:24.

Let us be of purer eyes. Paul describes marriage as holy and honourable in all. The overall view we see of the way people operate within marriage, does it fall in line this teaching? Why are murders, suicides, divorce and marital unfaithfulness so prevalent, even among marriages involving so-called believers in Christ? Or let me rephrase, does it make marriage any less holy or honourable? The majority of wives today are cheats; that is in our communities. I remember one of my friends commenting upon hearing praise heaped upon one wife in his community. The person showering praise said “she is the best wife in T….” Knowing the relationship he enjoyed with the same woman, he vowed he could never ever get married. Yet. the Bible affirms that “He that finds a wife finds a good thing.” No matter what efforts are made to corrupt the institution, marriage is still the best gift that God gave to man.

Let’s look at sex. Even the mention of the word connotes evil thoughts in the minds of most people. I make bold to say that as part of His package to man, the best of the subsets is sex. The fact that people abuse it, prostituting themselves, raping others, practising same sex or such like, does not take anything away from the gift God lent us. So it is with divorce; it is a way of dealing with an evil which seeks to destroy the human family. Like other things that God put in place to keep a moral balance on life, man perverted it. The man who has a stubborn wife, who constantly humiliates him with her lovers, has the option to divorce her instead of hacking her to death and committing suicide.

Dennis Trant aka Dennis Scrubb