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A roadside execution


Fri Jan 02, 2015

Was it a lesson, then?

That traitors, just like heretics,

Must be publicly punished?

Street gangs and the Mafia

Act accordingly;

Why not political parties?{{more}}

Not martyred;

A martyr dies with his faith intact.

No, an old man, at his end,

Cannot keep his faith

In a creed he sees corrupted.

Did he scream as he was crushed,

Or was the pain too quick for sound?

Perfect timing:

Christmas coming,

Frantic fix-ups,

Loose ends soon forgotten,

Suspicion silenced.

Was the lesson learned?

Will potential defectors

In the future

Stifle moral outrage

And acquiesce to Maximum Leader,

“…Underlining the smallness of resistance

In the face of unimpeachable power?”