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Unfair business practice


Tue, Dec 23, 2014

Editor: It is Christmas season. We know that businesses play an important role in the development of our country and its economy. Thus, it is important that there be a level playing and fairness be given to all businesses to operate.{{more}}

However, some businesses are given advantages over others. Sometimes this can give cause for speculations and suspicion. A case in point is the store next to Grand Bazaar which is allowed to put its items and products on the walkway for sale, while the Grand Bazaar store were asked to remove their items when they put their stuff on the outside.

As we looked at it closer, when these items are placed outside on the walkway reserved mainly for pedestrians, they block the area. As a result, many times pedestrians have to walk in the road, thus endangering their lives with oncoming vehicles.

This practice can become risky, besides offering an unfair advantage to other businesses. I can understand that there may be times when a business has to place some of its items outside, in the case of a yard sale. But the passageway must be free for pedestrians. Also others should be allowed to put their items outside.

I know that other businesses do it from time to time, but the passageway is free for pedestrians and traffic. It would be interesting to find out why is it that this store has been allowed to carry on this practice, while some are not allowed to do so. Surely, there must be a justifiable reason.

In the case of Grand Bazaar, if the reason was the obstruction to traffic and easy passage for pedestrians, then is not the same thing true for the stores next to it? In this competitive world, there must be fair competition and a chance for everyone to survive.

I trust that something be done to ensure the safety of pedestrians and fairness in businesses operation. After all it is Christmas and so we know that every legally established business must be allowed to operate fairly. Besides, we know that for those vendors operating, they have to pay a fee. While for this store, they already have a store to sell their products.

Kennard King