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North Leeward Sports Association needs fresh blood


Tue Dec 02, 2014

Editor: It is now time for the current president of the North Leeward Sports Association to go. Jules Anthony has been at the helm of the association for a while now, and it appears as though sports in the constituency is going backward. There have been no youth tournaments in any of the major sporting disciplines, hence the constituency has failed to produce any young talent on the national stage for a long time now, the senior cricket competition is in a mess and no football competition has taken place for the year.{{more}}

Looking at the recently held Vinlec North Leeward Cricket competition, there has been a reduction in teams participating, so much so that only eight teams participated. The poor attendance in terms of spectators also demonstrates a lack of interest by cricket lovers in the constituency. The only time there was any reasonable turnout, was at the finals last Sunday, which was contested between the Police team and home team Petit Bordel. I was so disappointed to see the president commenting on some photos of the finals posted on Facebook, claiming that the attendance was good throughout the tournament.

There was no award for the Man of the Match throughout the tournament, and with VINLEC being the major sponsor, I don’t understand why the teams playing in the competition have to pay for a cricket ball each time they play, and still pay a registration fee. What is VINLEC sponsorship being used for then?

The process leading to the selection of the two finals created conflict, forcing a member of the Ajuba unit to inquire as to what is really going on. An email circulated by Kenny Stapleton, which I was able to get a copy of, reads “Why are we playing a play-off game? That wasn’t agreed to at the beginning of the tournament. It was agreed that the teams with the most points would play the finals. Furthermore, we have already beat police so we have a better net run rate than them, so why should we be competing for the final spot,” asked Kenny in his letter.

I can still remember in the past, when people use to flock to the sporting venues to see their teams play. Even the primary school cricket competitions garnered many spectators. Now that appears to be a thing of the past.

There is only one month remaining in the year and it appears that no football competition will take place. This is another disappointment for many sporting fans in the constituency, taking into account that football is the only sport at the moment that gathers some spectators. Anthony and his executive are putting the constituency in jeopardy with regard to youth development. I know there are many youth football programmes taking place in North Leeward. I see youths in Petiti Bordel being coached by Yornic Nanton; in Chateaubelair by a young man called John; in Rose Hall, Kenville Horne is doing a great job, while Gideon Lewis is playing his part in Troumaca. I see youths on the Rose Bank Hard Court and in Spring Village on the playing field. These are the future of North Leeward; so why are they being neglected?

So, with limited competitions and developmental programmes being hosted by the main sporting body in North Leeward, it is time for a change in the leadership of the North Leeward Sports Association. Give someone more competent a chance to lead Mr Anthony, because you have lost the support of the coaches, business and sporting fans in the constituency.

Sports Lover