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Don’t let past mistakes keep you from soaring


Tue Nov 25, 2014

Editor: This week is regarded as redemption week on NBC Radio, with some focus on second chances. It is encouraging to learn of the many persons who, despite their mistakes, have been able to turn their lives around and become qualified in various fields.{{more}}

Some of these persons were early drop-outs, yet were able to obtain qualifications and thus lift themselves out of poverty, despite the negative vibes they received from the community and other persons. It is indeed encouraging to know that many did not allow the circumstances and negative vibes to detract them, but rather had the strength of character to rise above these challenges and became productive citizens.

The CXC, Adult Education Department and the prison authorities must be complimented for the opportunities given to the prisoners at the Belle Isle Correctional Facility to also have a second chance at redeeming themselves educationally. The success of the programme thus far is indeed encouraging. For in June of this year, both math and English were written for CXC by those prisoners who wrote the exams and the pass rate in both subjects was 100 per cent. They are at present doing three more subjects, since they have to have passes in five subjects to be certified.

Talking about redemption, compliments are in order for Mr Grantley Bramble who, despite his past, has been able to have a turnaround in his life. He, besides being active in the church, is also active in teaching evening classes and also teaching both Integrated Science and Woodwork in the prison. He too has made and continues to make his contribution and has not allowed the negatives to keep him down.

Let me encourage each of us not to allow our mistakes and past to keep us from going forward. Yes, it would be a challenge to move on and move forward when we have made mistakes and as such had a negative past. Let us not allow anyone or anything to keep from maximizing our potential. For with God, all things are possible. All the best to each and everyone.

Kennard King