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Greiggs SDA Church celebrates 40 years


Tue Nov 18, 2014

Editor: Forty years in the history of any institution is indeed a milestone. Many institutions and organizations, though established with good intentions, have not lasted that long, much more to effect any meaningful changes in the lives of individuals and communities. This is profoundly one reason that such occasion must never be taken for granted or allowed to roll into oblivion unnoticed.{{more}}

Such a noble legacy, especially in the context of the Church that has transformed the lives of so many people, and changed so many communities, must be adamantly embraced, cherished and celebrated. This is exactly what the leadership and members of the Greiggs Seventh-Day Adventist Church did three weeks ago.

From Sunday the 26th of October to Sabbath/Saturday the first of November, the Church celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Seventh-Day Adventist message in the community, and 20 years since the construction of the existing Church building. Though most of the members who were around when the message first came to Greiggs have died, I am confident that if they were present, they would have been well pleased with what has happened.

The atmosphere throughout the entire week was punctuated with gratitude for God’s providential guidance thus far, confidence for the future and his continual leading, and a renewed passion to fulfil the mission of the Church. The experience, to say the least, was beyond expectation and will forever be vested in the memories of those who attended.

The week of celebration began with a health fair at the Greiggs primary school, followed by a march and rally from the said venue to the old school building above the playing field. These activities were held in conjunction with the Vincentian Adventist American Association.

Building on the momentum of the march and rally, the celebration continued at the church for the rest of the week. Members and friends who attended the nightly services were blessed with spirit-filled presentations from different speakers. Presentations were made accordingly: Monday night, Pastor Romano Daniel; Tuesday night, Elder Elvin Roberts; Wednesday night, Pastor Nixon Louis; and Friday night Pastor Shane Franklin. Thursday night was reserved for social activities.

Sabbath, the first of November, the final day of the week of celebration was no different. The Sabbath School programme was not only well planned and executed. It was touching, Spirit filled, emotional and uplifting. The power and presence of God was so evidenced that some members, having experienced the same, stood to their feet, lifted their hand in praise and worship, while others wiped tears from their eyes.

During the midday service, the sermon was delivered by pastor dermoth Baptiste, president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Mission of Seventh-Day Adventists. He also made a presentation to the first elder in recognition of the church’s 40th anniversary. Pastor Baptiste also congratulated the leadership and members of the church for their vision and wisdom. Notwithstanding the difference the Church has made in the lives of so many individuals and the community, he challenged all in attendance, visitors, and members alike to remain focused, “to keep the faith; be faithful to the mission of the church; keep hope alive; let the church continue to impact the community; teach children the way of the Lord and see the heroes of faith as examples, worthy of emulation.” He also offered the prayer of thanksgiving. The congregation affirmed its appreciation in responses of amen, praise the Lord and hallelujah.

Following a sumptuous and finger-licking lunch, much to the delight and satisfaction of all in attendance, the celebration came to a fitting climax in the afternoon with the recognition of Elder Calvert Rawlins for his faithful service to the church and the community and Alston Lewis for his outstanding contribution to the community. The theme of the celebration was “Faithful and Strong, Forty Years and Beyond.” Indeed, the people of Greiggs can say, to God be the glory, great things he has done.


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