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I’m human, what about you?


Fri, Oct 24, 2014

by lsmjl

It is all a lie that we believe

that we’re all of a different colour

and only a few colours achieve

white, red, yellow, black

don’t mean to be rude but who idiot told us that

all colour do is cause segregation

when in fact we’re all apart of the same civilization

Martin Luther King said he had a dream

unfortunately some people were awake{{more}}

they didn’t want to be apart of that scheme

so we fight and kill and hurt one another

instead of helping and teaching and building each other

when we die the worms don’t pick which colour to eat

Because man is man, nothing special, same treat

when the bones remain how can you tell if they were black or white

bones and dirt tell the real truth, get your facts right

so when they ask what colour are you

tell them “I’m human” what about you?