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Paedophilia is the ultimate hate crime – protect your children


Fri, Oct 17, 2014

Editor: A paedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to young children. According to studies, there are also women who exhibit the disorder of paedophilia.

When a paedophile seduces a child, the child’s psychosexual development is fractured. The on-going damage to the child’s psyche typically results in emotional, mental, and spiritual devastation of one kind or the other.{{more}}

There is no medication that can repair the damage done to the child and therapy rarely, if ever helps. The child at some point in its life, and rightfully so, blames the person who should have protected them from the sexual predator and failed to do so.

For a child not to be protected by the person they trust is the highest form of betrayal, one that can never be justified.

It is also well known in certain circles that single women with children are targeted by paedophiles. Single women with children are in fact, favourite targets, because they are vulnerable and most often they are ignorant of the fact that paedophiles are cunning stalkers: they know a great deal about the vulnerability and stupidity of single females with children.

Be aware though, not all single mothers fall under this category; as the old saying goes, “monkey knows which tree to climb.” Most of these paedophiles either enter a relationship with the mother or become a family friend.

Mothers must be alert to the sexual predators; when you see the predators showering your sons or daughters with attention and material things, waste no time; start doing some examination.

Things that mothers must avoid:

1. Don’t say you didn’t know.

2. Don’t say he seems to be so good with children.

3. He is a good provider and be unwilling to give up your material possessions in order to protect your children.

4. Don’t be afraid of loneliness,

5. Don’t be preoccupied with work and your own personal life, and steal time spent with your children.

6. Don’t get caught up with drugs and alcohol, so you don’t have the mental capability to care for your children.

7. Don’t know deep in your heart that your child is telling you the truth of being sexually molested by your lover or in some cases the father of the child, yet turn your back on your child.

8. Don’t say I met him in church, so he cannot be a paedophile.

Have that motherly instinct and avoid the wrath of your child in later days. Be ambitious and willing to work hard, that you can be a good provider for you and your children.

Some advice to the young ladies: Please, control the birth rate. I am not here to tell you how to live your lives, but it will make life more meaningful for you. Life is no bed of roses in these times, so use wisdom!

Naomi Bute