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Some friends


Tue, Oct 14, 2014

Editor: Please print this article. Some people out there need to read it. Let me kindly expound on the term “FRIEND”– what it is, and what it is not, the way I perceive it to be.{{more}}

A friend to me is someone whom anyone can trust and can rely on when in difficult situation. One whom you can count on to see you through, even though all the details are not understood and someone who would not relay information that is entrusted in confidence. One who refrains from passing judgment and doing things to be in the spotlight.

Having said the above, it is just amazing to know the lengths some people would go in the name of “FRIENDSHIP” to hurt other people. When you are on the receiving end it makes you wonder if the hurt was meted out in the opposite term what the damage would be like. It certainly will be irreparable.

A friend will not speak nicely with one corner of the mouth and with the other blurt out all sorts of injurious things without provocation.

A friend will not stab another in the back, undermine or belittle and spread harmful gossip nor slander another’s.

A friend will fail to rejoice over another’s misfortune.

A friend will not cunningly do things to make face or try to impress others of being genuine.

A friend will not display a “snake like” attitude nor wear two faces.

Friends do not pull down with the aim to elevate self.

Friends are happy for their friends and for others when they excel.

Thus, friends are all of the above, and much, much more.

A friend