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JU-C employees are still being treated like dogs!


Tue, Oct 14, 2014

Editor: Up to this time workers are still wondering if they would ever be compensated for their services to the company that produces sweetened bottled beverages that made its mark both regionally and internationally.{{more}}

At the last meeting in early July of this year, workers of Bottlers, the president and other representatives of the Commercial Technical & Allied Workers Union (CTAWU) were present at the meeting and they were informed by the receivers/liquidators that they would be recalculating their severance and would return before the end of July 2014 for supplement.

We are still waiting for July 2014 to come. Workers are still unemployed, with mortgage and utilities to be maintained. Still NO word from the Commercial Technical & Allied Workers Union (CTAWU) up to present time as to the status of severance.

The CTAWU is the union representing JU-C workers. No one seems to be pushing for a conclusion to this matter. Bottlers St Vincent Ltd closed its doors in May 2011. The company is now being operated by local company ECGC of Campden Park.

We need closure in this situation. We are appealing to the authorities to step in!

Webster Phillips