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Thank you, KFC!


Tue, Oct 7, 2014

Editor: I have been a fan of the KFC restaurant since its inception and have stayed with you through your many changes. I grieved when you discontinued the soft-serve yoghurt and macaroni salad and rejoiced when you introduced the spicy chicken and seasoned wedges.{{more}} So faithful and regular a customer was I, that when I approached a cashier, she could often quote my order before I spoke.

Of late, staying with you had been somewhat of a challenge (due to some alarming occurrences), but I persevered. I stayed through the many times when you had no chicken pieces, except drumsticks. I stayed throughout the weeks when you had no ketchup packets available to give me with my order. I even stayed when you had no box to put my chicken in and instead handed it to me in the paper bag. But I am sorry to say that I left you when you changed your quality and seasoning to the point where I could not recognize your chicken, either by sight or taste.

You may ask ‘why then am I saying thanks?’ Well, as it turned out, since I left you I have lost eight pounds – so thanks for the change that finally broke this camel’s back. By the way, I hope you sanitize those unused ketchup packets I have seen your workers taking out of the customers’ abandoned trays, if the intent is to reuse that ketchup in a future customer’s order.