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Enough is enough


Tue, May 20, 2014

Editor: We speak about hard times; we speak about killing one another in the country. Do we remember what the Lord said? Do we even read our Bibles to know exactly what he says and what he wants from us? Some of us interpret God’s words in the wrong way.{{more}} My main reason for writing this is to let people know or remind them that God is watching them; his eyes are in every place beholding the good and evil.

In everything we need to give God thanks. Prayer is important; you can’t get anything right without it. We need to save our nation and get out of evil; where do you want to spend life after death? There are only two choices: Hell or the place that the Lord is preparing for his saints. Let us choose now. Our country is getting worse because the people are caught up in hate, jealousy and bad minded behaviour etc; because of this people get involved in witchcraft. I hate to go into our local market place; there are so many spirits there doing evil to keep each other down. Let me tell you! God will break the chains and set his captured free and you who are doing these wrongs will always want for more. My cry is for these people to stop these wicked acts and seek God and give him thanks for what they have. When we trust and believe in God, we will see miracles begin to happen in our lives. Our children and grandchildren should not have to suffer because of our sins. Sometimes we question the behaviour of our young people, but sometimes it’s a curse placed on the generation (the Bible mentions this). This is the end of time, but sometimes even our churches fail to acknowledge this; they end up even fighting each other.

God isn’t happy with us. Let us be careful.

Peace and love my people.

To be continued…