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Youth, talk about your problems AND accept help!


Fri, Sept 28, 2012

Editor: Many teenagers tend to feel that they are at the age where “no one understands” them. They very often believe that they can solve problems on their own. They want to be “left alone”. However, adolescence is a very critical stage when the teen needs a lot of guidance and support from family, friends, teachers and well-wishers.{{more}}

The recent alleged suicide of a young man from the Sharpes area is another indication that the youth are incapable of solving their problems alone. Last weekend’s edition of the SEARCHLIGHT reported the teen’s mother as saying, “it was like he wanted to tell me something, but he didn’t know how to tell me. I told him talk to me, but he didn’t.” Clearly, the young man had serious problems and needed help, but according to his stepfather “… he tried to face it alone”. The stepfather also encouraged the youth to seek help to “overcome whatever the situation”. Very sound advice indeed!

As adults, we have to work together to help save our youth from choosing such an unprofitable path. We have to relate to them in such a way that they know that we love and care for them. Even when they say “leave me alone”, we must seek to engage them. It may be the time when they need us most. Contrary to their belief, we understand a lot of the problems they face. We were once youth. We must let them know that it is impossible to handle all their problems on their own. We must encourage them to find a responsible adult and “talk about their problems”. They must also be willing to accept the help.

Most of all, they must be pointed to Jesus Christ – The Greatest Helper. The scripture offers divine comfort by reminding us that Jesus, Our High Priest is “touched with the feeling of our infirmities …” Jesus was “ in all points tempted as we were yet without sin”. He is therefore able “to succour them that are tempted”( Heb.4:15;2:18).

Youth, life is filled with many challenges. As difficult as these challenges may be, they can be overcome by the grace of God. To gain success, you have to be willing to discuss your problems and get help remembering that “no man is an island”. None of us can face life’s ‘rugged’ road alone. Turning to drugs and violence is not the answer! Dependence on feelings is not safe. Withdrawing from your loved ones and choosing to follow disrespectful ‘friends’ is a dangerous decision.

Taking your life is definitely not the solution. It is a satanic push by evil angels whose only interest is to create hopelessness and to destroy you. My dear youth, do not be deceived by such promptings! Talk about your problems. Be willing and humble enough, by God’s grace, to accept sound counsels. There are people who love you. God loves you and has created you for a purpose.

Ann-Marie Ballantyne