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Our youth should show their worthiness


Tue, Sept 11, 2012

How civilised is our civilisation? – Part 2

Editor: Bringing a child into the world and raising him or her is not an easy task and many parents can attest to this. The lack of responsibility shown by our youth in procreating these children without the necessary funds for themselves or the child is a question of sanity. Knowing and seeing the ever present consequences of frivolous behaviour, why do they continue to place themselves in this position?{{more}}

Worldwide attempts have been made to promote abstinence. Conversely, the opposite attention has been attracted. Our youth are fully aware of the consequences of premarital engagement and the sinful acts of fornication and rape. Illegally experiencing the full fledged indulgence of a bond that has been consecrated by God as supremely sacred is utterly disrespectful. In so doing, commencing this self-debasement at a youthful age sets the stage on which their future personal lives will be built. Anyone found guilty of this is nowhere near to being addressed as civilised! If our youth are truly the future of tomorrow, then they must prove their worthiness to be charged with this responsibility.

Too many times have we seen church leaders making earnest cries to our nation, families being turned upside down, health care officials complaining of a fall in supplies and money to accommodate situations that could have been prevented and teachers ashamed of falling pass rates because of drop-outs.

In light of these events, we should as a nation, play a part in enhancing the lives of our youth, not just by word, but in action. In actuality, there are those concerned citizens who conduct themselves appropriately to be an example to others. Sadly enough, they are so few that their efforts go unseen.

In order to stimulate a common interest amongst our youngsters, we must think like them, since we were once their age or are around their age group. Outward appearance is the first indicator of a person’s character. The dressing exhibited by our youth today is nothing but appalling; and this is enough for others to associate them with having bad behaviour. Young girls no longer know the appropriate length of skirts, nor do young men have any idea what a belt is. Ironically enough, they compete with the girls for who can sport the ‘skinniest jeans’. We sometimes wonder if they take a long and hard look in the mirror before flaunting themselves in public.

Their fashion statement would have been influenced in some way by music icons or celebrities, which would have been introduced to them via television or Internet. Whilst they occupy themselves electronically, instead of engaging themselves in the wrong music, movies or shows, we must teach them from the beginning how to conduct themselves. This would essentially have had them creating a certain standard they would tolerate, based on the simple knowledge of right and wrong. If they are smart enough, they would know to listen to songs with clean and uplifting lyrics, movies and shows appropriate for their age group and which can actually teach them simple life lessons.

Even though I make these suggestions, if the persons they look up to refuse to show the same example, chances are that they will not adhere to any of the above. Essentially, to foster promising progeny, we must do as we expect them to.

Youth learn mostly by visual, auditory or oral means. The introduction of church, sport or community-based youth groups has helped a great deal of youngsters to date. With this in mind, let us capitalize on this venture and see how many more lives we can prevent from going astray and living up to their full potential.

Elizabeth Bullock