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Let’s try to improve our public transport system


Tue, Sept 11, 2012

Editor: Travelling in these minivans can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable. Many times it is not an enjoyable ride in some vans, since many drive at a very fast rate. They, many times, seem to care little about the lives of others that are in the van.{{more}}

The road we know has many potholes, thus creating even further uncomfortableness, since many drivers either swerve suddenly to avoid the potholes, or go into them, which naturally causes much discomfort to many, including pregnant ladies and senior citizens. I know it would be less challenging if these potholes are fixed and also if van drivers drive at a moderate pace. We know they have to hustle and so make as many trips as possible, but be conscious of your responsibility to safe driving and making the passengers feel at ease with the pace of the vans.

Besides the aforementioned is the fact that many vans are like a moving disco with loud, lewd music in some cases. After all, if this trend continues, we would all be deaf shortly. Thus, be considerate and exercise self-control. I know the bus business is very competitive; thus the reason advanced for the loud music and the speeding is that they would attract more persons than those vans that do not travel as fast and do not have this loud music. However, let us think of each other’s safety and comfort.

In some cases, conductors stand up over passengers, thus creating in some cases an uncomfortable positions for passengers. Also many conductors sit opposite a passenger with his legs in the legs of the passenger. This, we know, can be uncomfortable and unaccepted by many. However, to be fair to the conductors, they really don’t have a seat, since the minivans in most cases are licensed for eighteen passengers, which don’t include the conductor. This creates a problem, since eighteen passengers are seated, leaving the conductor little choice of where to ride. After all it is not the conductor’s fault, it is the system.

Such a pity that the Minivans Association is only active when they want a raise in the fare; for it is my firm hope that the association would be active and ensure that these problems are dealt with, thus making travelling a bit more comfortable. I strongly recommend that the aforementioned be looked at, by both the minivans association and the transport board and that some amicable solutions be arrived at.

After all, the minivans are rendering a very good service to the nation, but efforts must be made by both the association and the transport board to look at and address these situations. Let us continue to have an improved service and so make everyone happy.

Kennard King