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Are we moving forward?


Fri, Apr 13. 2012

Editor: Sometimes I find it very difficult to determine whether or not we are moving forward, going backwards or simply marking time. The issues that occupy our attention leave much to be desired. Can someone tell me if it really makes a difference whether or not the Holy Spirit is an actual person?{{more}} Does it really affect whether one goes to heaven or hell, if such places really exist? There is simply too much religious discussions in our media and our society for that matter. I know many would say that there can never be too much discussion of the word of God, but I am not sure that God actually spoke to any one in the past, based on the fact that he no longer speaks openly to anyone today.

I have a difficulty with our leading secondary institutions starting the day with prayers about the coming of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Even though we may believe that we were created by God, we should not offer that as the only explanation of us coming into existence. We are molding minds and would like them to be as open and receptive as possible. We therefore should not confine them to one way of thinking. There is not enough effort being made to educate our children as broadly as possible.

There is hardly anyone who doubts the power of the mind, yet there is very little discussion taking place on this. We are constantly being bombarded by discussions on the imminent return of Christ. This pending return has been the subject of discussion for the last two thousand years. If everyone in the world had believed this there would have never been the invention of the computer and travel to outer space. In addition, why do we worry about issues like crime and natural disasters? If these things are necessary for the end of time to occur, we ought to be very happy that they are actually happening.

In my opinion, there is a time and place for everything. I do not want to create a society of atheists, but I do not want to create a society of only Christian believers either, for I do believe that we would not get very far in the field of science. I take this opportunity to encourage persons to read about the Dutch atheist pastor who is the leader of a regular church, but offers different views from even his mainstream church. This can be found using one of the search engines.

Finally, I urge our teachers to mold open minds and help in the creation of a society of creative critical thinkers.