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We have to be more professional!


Fri, Mar 30. 2012

Editor: I sometimes think that while we are advancing in some areas, we are in fact regressing in others.{{more}}

Case in point – in an effort to stop using so much paper at institutions involved in money transfers, the person at the desk asks me for the sender’s name. I have to shout through the window: “John James, Barbados”. Meanwhile, James’ other woman is in the line and is absolutely livid. So James is butting her eh! Next question is what is your address and phone number. I have to shout this out, too. Meanwhile, the livid woman has written down my telephone number and is planning to cuss me out later.

We have to be careful about this sort of practice. Every time I stand at that window and I am asked those questions or I am in the line listening to other people giving their personal details aloud, it just makes me cringe. We can and must be more professional than this.