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Phones, totem-pole (tp)


Tue, Mar 27. 2012

Editor: At first I wondered about the decision of the PM (head of SVG) to not to see Mr. Jack, (head of LIME tp). Also, taking into account, popular view and Jomo Thomas’ sentiment of him as a genius, why he did not see Mr. Jack, or even to know about the proposed action before it happened.{{more}} I simply base this, in view of Mr. Jack’s position, his call to see the PM about accounts – the product LIME offers; and of Government being a major customer. This to my mind is sufficient premise to arouse curiosity. However, these are not sufficient bases and I really have to see another side of the coin.

The Office of a PM, top of a nation’s tp is a very busy one. It is also not one of administrative-accounts per se. PM stated that he directed Mr. Jack to the correct channel. As someone affected, I would really like to know about the PM’s suggested action and outcome. Also, was the cutting of phones clearly communicated to anyone, including PM? Was it a “wild-cat” action? Early knowledge was key to averting such action. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I think if sufficient attention was paid to Mr. Jack, SVG/we would have been spared all this talk and “embarrassment”.

I still question however, did LIME take the correct action? Did Mr. Jack attempt again to see PM before the phones were cut? Also why was the plug pulled on “essential services” without further notice? Would an experienced manager-administrator cut service after so few attempts even when it affects you personally and the nation?

Apart from the minor setbacks, it could have resulted in serious repercussions to a wide cross-section of SVG. Look at what happened to Miss Sylvester, the Human Rights lawyer. Sorry, I beg to differ. In these positions, one has to display proper management decision-making skills. Not everything comes overnight, some come with experience. One more day, one more attempt, could have spared SVG one day. It is not PM only but all of us – SVG.

On this note too, I wonder if, parliamentary representative, Hon. Daniel Cummings, when he was at CWSA, would have cut the water supply from all hospitals, police stations, High Court and other Government buildings even for one day. Even now at Town Board? If he was head of LIME would this have ever happened? Has this ever happened anywhere? Subject to correction, this never happened in the 32-year span of a not-black PM. I am afraid to speak about LIME because I am a customer. My lines were crossed for a long time. I wonder however, which area was mostly affected by the disconnections. Where was the greater geographical-spread, country or town? The answer to this may reveal quite a few home truths.

Finally on this note, I am afraid to repeat about being sorry and the age-old problem of misuse, abuse and mismanagement.

We can all, however, use this to learn lessons and put proper measures in place. LIME still has the proper resources to do so. $5.00 can sometimes save more than $5,000.00.

L.B. Williams (Mrs.)