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Should Christians eat blood?


Tue, Mar 6. 2012

Editor: The above question is a very serious one for consideration by all who claim to be Christians; even non-Christians would do well to consider it too, since we all have to give an account to the Almighty God for our actions.{{more}} I encourage all, especially those who claim to be Christians, to read ALL the Scriptures in this article.

After Noah and his family came out of the ark, God allowed them to eat meat, but not the blood. Genesis 9:4. God repeated to the Israelites that they were not to eat ANY manner of blood. The person eating blood was to be cut off, killed. Leviticus 17:10, 12-14. So, God was very serious then about the use of blood. God is still very serious about the matter of blood today. How do we know that? In the New Testament, God further repeated that Christians are to abstain from blood. Acts 15:20, 28, 29; Acts 21:25. “Abstain” means to refrain, to keep away from from something. For example, the verses in Acts say to “abstain from fornication.” We know this means to refrain or keep away from fornication, since fornication is a serious sin against God. So, to abstain from blood must mean to refrain or keep away from blood. Therefore, is it right for a Christian to eat blood pudding (black pudding), or any type of food made with blood as part of its ingredients? This is not asked to stir up controversy, but for us to prove what is acceptable unto the Lord. Ephesians 5:10.

I respect the choice of anyone in this matter, but I am simply bringing to the attention of the public what God’s true inspired Word really teaches on the subject of blood as to whether or not it is proper to eat blood.

Another matter in relation to blood usage can be discussed, but I choose not to discuss it here. Consider the question again: Should Christians eat blood?

May we all consider the aforementioned information very seriously and think of pleasing God, not ourselves. Thanking you all.

Roy Flintoff

Bible Researcher