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Let’s make better use of our time


Fri, Mar 2. 2012

Editor: I often wonder what kind of society we are trying to create or maybe we really do not know what we are really working towards. Many persons wrongfully believe that the answer to this question lies in the hands of the politicians. However it is up to us to create the society that we really desire.{{more}}

This is a society that never ceases to amaze me. We seem to have a lot of spare time on our hands, but we do not make productive use of that time. We seem to have so much to waste. Each time a group of young men get together, it seems that alcohol is never far away. Let me say that I do not oppose the consumption of alcohol all together, but it seems to be the main past time of our young men. I often wonder how many of them actually find time to read the newspapers especially on weekends. I often have to wonder about the number of newspapers that are sold on a weekly basis in this country. We do not spend enough time reading and spend too much time talking, especially on talk shows.

One of the things about this country is that we do not carry out sufficient surveys. We therefore do not have enough information to continuously plan for our people. Though we may carry out a national census every ten years, this gives us information mainly on the demographics of the country. However we need to know things like the reading and the television viewing habits of our people. I often wonder if a survey was carried out before or after our local cable service was set up.

Another thing about this country is that persons often prefer to tell you what is good for you instead of giving youthe option to choose for yourself. We have ourselves to blame because we spend too much time discussing the things that are not of importance. In addition, this is not a well read society. Therefore, many persons live by hear say. This has made the society very gullible and vulnerable to mischief makers.

To many the education revolution is simply going to classes and writing some subjects and not attempting to broaden their minds. That is why there are many persons with certificates who simply cannot reason. We have to make better use of our spare time if we want to create a more progressive society.