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What are the prerequisites for National Scholarships?



Editor: I was confused upon hearing the announcement of the National Scholars. One of the names announced, according to prerequisites stated on the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Government Website,{{more}}, should not be eligible for the said scholarship. The Prerequisites are as follows:

  • Available to Vincentian nationals
  •  Must be a graduate of the Community College in the year the scholarship is granted.
  •  Subjects must be attained in one sitting.
  •  Scholarship is based on academic performance, according to the ratings from the University of Cambridge.

The National Scholarship awardee in question graduated from the college in 2008, one year ago, and not as the second prerequisite states, in the year the scholarship was granted, 2009. Can this breach in prerequisites be explained? Congratulations all the same to this year’s Island Scholars.

A Confused Vincentian