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The NDP is a powerful and united institutional force



Editor: “Leadership is the essential catalytic ingredient which pulls together the disparate forces and components of any entity, thereby transforming it into a focused, functional and effective whole in pursuit of clearly defined, comprehensible and desirable goals.” In this regard I congratulate the New Democratic Party on the formal launching of its campaign for the referendum on a proposed new constitution for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}} It is no secret that Vincentians, at home and in Diaspora, have been very concerned about the perceived absence of a focused presentation of the counter arguments and position of the N.D.P. The proceedings of last week Tuesday evening, September, 15, at Democrat House, the party’s headquarters, will, I am sure, put paid to these legitimate concerns, in a timely manner.

The re-emergence of the revered founding father of the party, and the longest serving Prime Minister of S.V.G, Sir James Mitchell, on the same platform with the current President of the Party, sends a portentous message to all, that the New Democratic Party is a powerful and united institutional force dedicated to the protection of the hard earned rights and privileges of Vincentians, and the pursuit of a better life for all our people. This manifestation of solidarity will engender confidence and hope among all those who genuinely love our homeland and wish to see it survive and flourish as a free and democratic country, “the Land of the Blessed.”

Sir James is perhaps the only living politician who has served at every level of constitutional evolution in the region. Since his election in 1966 as the representative of the Grenadines, the veteran Caribbean statesman has seen the passage from Crown Colony status to full Political Independence. He is uniquely positioned and qualified to share his vision, experience and expertise in the current exercise.

The N.D.P can never abdicate its generic responsibilities and commitments to the Vincentian people, which are clearly spelt out in its constitution. It is a party open to membership “of progressive-minded people of any race, colour or creed who are interested in the sound and orderly development of the political, social, moral and economic welfare of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the countries of the Caribbean.” Among its objectives are: To guarantee the maximum expression of democratic liberties by all citizens; To raise the standard of living of the people of SVG through the development of the economic resources of the country in a manner that provides equal opportunity for all; To lead in the building of a dynamic society; To support Caribbean unification, including the unity of SVG with other states; and to ensure the highest standard of rectitude in public life.

Over the last eight years Vincentians have observed and experienced a steady diminution of their rights, and a corresponding, and unprecedented, increase in the abuse of the power of the Government against its own citizens. All this runs counter to the principles and ideals of the NDP and the practice and philosophy of constitutional democracy. Our people are in peril. They are crying out for relief from a regime that is oblivious to their well-being, and ideologically contemptuous of their basic intelligence. An experienced, united, and energized NDP constitutes the best hope for the political salvation of our country at this time. A resounding rejection of the constitutional proposals of this regime is a prerequisite.

Ambassador K.C.A. Layne C.M.G