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Community College uniformed disorder



Editor: First of all, let me extend congratulations to the fortunate students who were able to make it to upper six of the St. Vincent Community College. Kudos to you! To those that must re-apply, I express my sympathy and pray that you work harder this year, and to the freshmen who just sat CSEC, my advice to you is to work hard!{{more}}

Down to the meat of the matter. The heads of the SVGCC institution have decided to change the uniform. The subject of a change in uniform was not up for debate, but just changed without us (students) or parents/guardians having a say. If the heads of the institution have a problem with the uniform, shouldn’t they discuss this with our parents?

The new uniform consists of a plain green A-line skirt, which should be worn with stockings and heels. It is difficult for the upper sixth formers to pay close to $200 to obtain a brand new uniform, which, might I add, they would only be wearing until April. It is blatantly UNFAIR to us who have spent a lot of money on our previous uniforms to purchase a new one. We in upper six have to rely on our parents to purchase our second year textbooks and pay for our CAPE and Cambridge subjects (which goes without saying is an abundance of money). How do they (the heads of the institution) expect us to afford this change?

Furthermore, does comfort no longer matter? The Technical college may not find it a problem since they have been doing it forever, but to transition from sneakers and loose fitting skirts to high heels and tight skirts is going to be difficult.

In my opinion, the change in uniform is more than ridiculous when it comes to the upper sixth formers, and before this change should be met there should be a parent-lecturer meeting to discuss it. You do not make changes without consulting the people whom it affects!

If the uniform must be changed, don’t you think that it is wiser to implement that change on the students newly entering the institution and not on the students who already have uniforms?

I pray that this letter would help the heads of The St. Vincent Community College to come to their senses and realize that upper sixth formers cannot afford this senseless change, and it is frankly ridiculous to ask us to do so.