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Who is this Lavern George?




In the Wednesday, June 25, edition, Caribbean Net News carried a letter signed by one Lavern George titled “St Vincent and Grenadines – another Zimbabwe in the making”. The said online newspaper carried another letter signed by the same individual in the June 28 (Saturday) edition titled “Politicians tricked Vincentians over international airport development” -{{more}}

In the June 25 letter, Lavern George wrote: “Vincentians might be wondering, who Lavern George is that sent letters to Caribbean Net News. I am a Vincentian and I worked in the Government Service for over a decade. Most of my years I worked under the NDP Administration.

Shortly after the ULP gained government, I left and was working out of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. However, I visit home regularly and I listen to the radio station via Internet and I read the newspapers on a weekly basis. I should say also that I know what is taking place in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, more than some people that reside there…”

After reading both letters, I am totally convinced that Lavern George does not live in St. Vincent or in any other place on this planet. Her first letter was quite laughable, but the second appeared to be the work of a deaf and blind lunatic who has a penchant for writing in failed efforts to badmouth his/her country.

What else can one logically conclude after hearing, since August 2005, Prime Minister Gonsalves, Deputy Prime Minister Straker and several other government officials in SVG stating on so many occasions – in Budget presentations, in press conferences, on radio programmes, in newspapers, etc. – exactly how the EC$490 million international airport will be constructed by the “Coalition of the Willing”.

Although one does not want to dignify George’s rubbish with a response, sometimes it becomes necessary to swat flies.

And yes: this writer is still wondering who Lavern George really is.

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.