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Vincy Heat trashed by the Maple Leaf boys!




I had the pleasure of viewing the game between Vincy Heat and Canada twice on the local cable station here in Canada. I watched in amazement as the Vincy boys played as if they were on opposing teams.{{more}}

It was evident that after 20 minutes of play that the home boys had enough of the juggling, and it showed in their inability to adequately pass the ball to the intended player.

There were unmistakable highs and lows in the game. After hearing the comments of the broadcasters of the game, I must say that I am very proud of players like Marlon James and Kendoll Vellox who battled until the end of it all. In fact, it was James who was able make the mark on the score card for the home boys. It was disheartening to hear words such as “disorganized” and “selfish” being used to describe the players. It was quite obvious to many that the level of coordination between the local boys was quite poor.

I am of the opinion that the entire team should spend adequate time together as one unit in order for them to perform effectively as a team. The evidence was there that the team lacked proper organization on the field. All in all, there is potential within the team, and with time the wounds will heal and pave way for much success in the future.

On a happier note, one would have expected that the majority of supporters in the stands would have been rooting for the Maple Leaf boys, but I watched with pride as many came out in the national colours to support the home boys. Even though the results were 4-1 in favour of Canada, many left the stadium quite happy due to the fact that many old friendships were rekindled.

I believe that there is much hope that the Vincy Heat will do better as they learn from their mistakes and from their opponents’ plays as well.

Renitta Peters

Toronto, Canada