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A tangled web of doctrinal confusion



EDITOR: If men saved souls then our society, our civilization and our world would have surely been a lost hope.

In heavenly administration, we are blessed that our savior, Jesus Christ, is very much in total control and have been practicing perfect governance.{{more}} However, the same cannot be said for his ‘generals’ or the ‘chosen ones’.

It seems that every week persons grasp the opportunity to express his/her freedom of expression while disregarding differing opinions. As you peruse the weekly newspapers, there seems to be an earthly warfare between our Christian leaders. It’s tit for tat and butter for cheese between persons like Mr. Mark Charles and Mr. Maurice Rogers. I do not know what denomination they represent but their ideological indifferences are so apparent that a boxing bout cannot match the intensity of their writings.

However, it pains me to think that these writers and others who contribute weekly on religious debates are no longer concerned about winning souls, but membership to their different churches. Their dogma stances are frankly unbecoming of Christian leaders. At this juncture, I would like to ask Mr. Rogers and the public, what does Yahweh means? If the answer is Jesus Christ, is it now becoming common place to use Yahweh instead of Christ? If so, aren’t you contributing to your very own tangled web of doctrinal confusion?

Mr. Charles, I pray that you don’t get the impression that I am supporting your approach, because the content of last week’s article does not bring hope to the lost or create any vehicle for internal reflection. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a predominately Christian nation and with the absence of a large number of different faiths, we have peacefully resolved our issues. Gentlemen, how would you have dealt with the opinions of a Hindu or Shiite Muslim or even a Buddhist? Maybe the weapons of grace, mercy and peace were overlooked at your theology classes. However, one must state, that maybe the blind is trying to lead the blind in your debates. Stop confusing me with your infantile writings and get to the business that needs to be done.

In other matters, it seems as though this tangled web of doctrinal confusion spreads across our political divide, for it is beyond my common understanding why intellects like Mr. Thomas Burke and Mr. Randolph Peters practice the ULP doctrine to the core of their heart that they have never expressed a dissenting view than the party’s official position. On the other hand, Mr. Matthew Thomas and Mr. Junior Bacchus have been trapped in the NDP doctrine that everything red now becomes a danger sign.

As the former Calypso King poetically stated, “Watch how the world come!”

Adaiah J Providence