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Taking notes


THERE HAVE BEEN several events in the field of sports over the past week which warrant taking notes for the record, as they may be needed for future references.

Among the happenings which were noteworthy was the commencement of the national cricket programme, specifically the National Lotteries Authority premier and first divisions, and the women’s 40 over competition.

Whilst one may accept the lack of fanfare and major hype to usher in the 2019 national cricket season, it was an unimpressive start on many counts.

No fault of the executive of the SVGCA Inc., as they have to provide the stage for the cricketers to perform; one sensed a lack of commitment of the part of the some of the club/ teams involved.

Therefore, the fact that one of the opening matches was decided via the default route tells half of the story of the malaise that exists in cricket.

Similarly, to have premier division teams having to patch up in their first match to have a complement of players to start the season, gives the cricket authorities a reading of where we are with the sport.

The unpreparedness was also evident in the attire of at least two of the teams to which this columnist can attest, as there was no sign of uniformity.

It is understood that it was the first match of the season, and the economic crunch would have hit all and sundry, but it is equally inexcusable for such shabby dressing in some instances, to say the least.

The executive of the SVGCA Inc. has to accept responsibility and blame for the late update of its website, which for many who follow local cricket, is the main source of information and statistical data of matches.

However, the website had not got off the mark up to press time in relation to information about matches to be played over the weekend.

This type of selling of the highest national cricket competition is not your benchmark of excellence of your administration.

Neither should one be satisfied that it was a oneoff glitch somewhere, as before the prevalence and dependency on websites and the like, there were other mediums through which such pertinent information was disseminated.

Whilst it is accepted that journalists and sports reporters are responsible to some extent for sourcing such information, it is not expected that they be at all venues on the weekend, to obtain the correct data on the matches.

No one who serves the purpose of helping to promote and inform the general public of the national cricket competitions, should be clueless in this regard. This type of operation by the SVGCA Inc. has happened in the past, albeit in a different manner, under the same configuration of executive members, which is why it is again noteworthy in this medium.

The men and woman who make up the SVGCA Inc.’s executive, should be reminded, not to have their good, evilly spoken about.

In the grander scheme of things, what has occurred in the opening weekend of the 2019 national cricket programme: the good, the bad and the ugly, are all indicators for the policy makers of the sport.

In some way, the swapping of players between two of the more prominent outfits in the premier division, namely Team Rivals and Radcliffe, in order for both to be formidable, adds to the mix of positive pointers.

It therefore breeds the need to pay greater attention to the youth cricket structure.

Not only to get players into the sport, but to sustain their interest and participation.

These happenings, whilst anticipated to some degree of accuracy, would also instruct the implementation of the SVGCA Inc.’s strategic plan for the next five year cycle.

This is not to say that the plan would be rolled out with perfection, but would guide the process, as without any objective, the cricket voyage would be one of mere extravagance.