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Cane End Government wins annual Grade 6 Writing competition

Cane End Government wins annual Grade 6 Writing competition
Amara Adams, of the Cane End Government School, won the 6 Grade Writing Competition


With her piece “The Day I was invisible”, Amara Adams of the Cane End Government School emerged winner of the Ministry of Education’s annual Grade 6 Writing competition.

Second was Sylique Frederick of the Brighton Methodist School and Jevon McCoy of the Pamelus Burke Primary School placed third. The finals, which took place at the Frenches House on Wednesday, January 23 saw students within an hour of obtaining their topics, writing essays on various pieces.

Cane End Government wins annual Grade 6 Writing competition
Anna Russo

Ten students participated in the finals: Amara Adams of the Cane End Government, Jevon Mc Coy of the Pamelus Burke Primary, Jediah Seymour – Dickson Methodist, Layou Government – Dejana Jeffers and Sylique Frederick – Brighton Methodist. Other finalists included: Lennesha Williams – Troumaca Government, Zohanna Ollivierre – Paget Farm Government, Roshanna Wyllie – Marriaqua Government, Fancy Government – Christi Williams and Aroma David – Richland Park Government.

The award for the best descriptive piece went to Aroma David of the Richland Park Government, while the best persuasive piece was awarded to Jediah Seymour of the Dickson Methodist School.

Education Officer, Elizabeth Austin in her remarks expressed appreciation towards Hodder Education for the invaluable contribution they have made to the advancement of education. The education officer noted that the Writing competition was geared at sharpening students’ writing skills and strengthening their capacity, while using the competition as a means of motivating friendly rivalry.

Austin revealed that the competition was done in two phases. The Preliminary competitions were held in various locations on the mainland and in the Grenadines. She further congratulated participants and urged teachers to engage students in reading a variety of texts.

Cane End Government wins annual Grade 6 Writing competition
Byron Wilson

This year’s competition focused on all writing genres: Narrative, Expository, Persuasive and Descriptive. Thirty-eight schools participated, 11 males and 27 females.

Byron Wilson, the local representative of the sponsor of the competition, Hodder Education, formerly Pearson Publishing Company, disclosed that this is the ninth year since they have been partnering with the Ministry of Education. Wilson encouraged all schools to participate next year, since it will be even bigger and better.

The local representative indicated that over the years, Hodder Education has been providing resources to the children, (laptops, cell phones etc.) to assist their overall development. He also announced that a copy of “Situational Writing: A model approach” will be given to the 10 finalists. He added that Hodder Education is not just about selling books but investing resources towards the development of students here.

Anna Russo, Caribbean Sales Executive of Hodder Education revealed that Hodder has been committed to the enhancement of students’ education for over 100 years and pledged the institution’s continued support in the field of education here.