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Nurses to be informed about applications as early as next week

Nurses to be informed about applications as early as next week


Nurses who have been successfully recruited to work in the United Kingdom (UK) may receive correspondence as early as next week.

Approximately 141 nurses applied to be recruited into the Health Education England programme and the first round of interviews by a recruitment team concluded last Friday.

And it is expected that those who were successful in their interviews will be informed via e-mail in the coming weeks.

Sir Louis Straker, the minister of Foreign Affairs and deputy prime minister said at a closing press conference, that one of the greatest challenges in this country is getting employment for young people, particularly those trained in nursing.

“We kind of commiserate and sympathise with them when they cannot get immediate placement, but here is a programme that has been provided for them and we trust that they would be able to find placement in the United Kingdom and be goodwill ambassadors representing St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to the best of their ability, so that those who receive of their healthcare might be able to say, you have excellent nurses from St Vincent and the Grenadines and they would want to come back here to do more recruitment…,” he said.

Straker said that the team has given him assurance that the need for nurses is great and that they would return to do more interviews. He added that this would provide an opportunity for those who did not get a chance to apply in this first batch, to do so once the team returns.

The foreign affairs minister said his ministry’s focus has shifted to helping facilitate young people to become employed. And Vincentian missions in all parts of the world are working hard and seeking employment for the nation’s people abroad.

He expressed gratitude to the recruitment team for the work they have done and High Commissioner to the UK for St Vincent and the Grenadines, Cenio Lewis for facilitating the connections that made the programme possible.

Michelle Thompson, head of the Global Learners Programme, Global Engagement Directorate, NHS Health Education England was one of the individuals on the four-member recruitment team.

She said that the programme offers a work-based opportunity as well as an education experience for nurses, which will enhance and add to their existing skills and experience.

Thompson added that nurses will also be able to see a different side to healthcare delivery.

“It is important to recognise that qualified and registered healthcare professionals already possess a wealth of knowledge and skills acquired here in St Vincent and it will be the benefit of the UK healthcare system for them to share this experience and practice and experience a different healthcare opportunity,” she said.

“The NHS can learn from their skills, knowledge and experience and I’m confident they will help to improve and help to deliver healthcare in a world class patient focused system, so thank you again for your warm welcome and we look forward to welcoming our first St Vincent nurses into the NHS.”

Other members of the recruitment team were David Keen, head of the Global Workforce Education, Global Engagement Directorate, NHS Health Education England; Christine Pearson, director of Nursing, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and Alison Smith, Strategic Resourcing Lead, NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria.