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Parents, students get much needed back to school assistance

Parents, students get much needed back to school assistance


Chester Morgan is a physical education teacher at the Barrouallie Secondary School. However, he does not limit himself to the walls of a classroom, but extends his knowledge and assistance to children, even when he is at home.

Over the past six years, Morgan has donated exercise books, pens and pencils to students who are returning to school after the summer holidays. {{more}}Each student receives at least one dozen exercise books, pencils and pens. This initiative is geared towards assisting parents in ensuring that their child is ready for school. Morgan often speaks of his experience as a child and the hardships that his mother met while preparing him for school.

“Everyone needs a helping hand and our children ought to be cared for by every community member, not just the parents,” is something that Morgan often says. He believes that the overall growth of a child depends on the love, care and support given to children by the entire community. He wishes to thank The Mustique Company Limited, which assists him to assist others.

Morgan doesn’t only assist the youths by donating books, but also is the founder of the “High Performance Sports Club” in Layou, where he shares his knowledge and skills with the sportsmen and women in the community. He often conducts training after school at the Layou Playing Field and sometimes on weekend at the Arnos Vale Playing Field. He is also actively trying to revive the Layou Cultural and Sports Association, with the assistance and commitment of many other persons in the community.

Morgan is definitely a young leader in his community and offers his assistance to any youth who needs it. He takes into consideration the old as well, and ensures that every elder receives a drink from him at Christmas. He believes that our elders have worked hard in order to create leaders and are still doing so in pushing our youths to further their education and so must be rewarded also. The people of Layou would like to say thank you to Morgan for his support to the parents and students in this community.(Contributed by Vakeesha John)