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Local entertainers release CD in honour of Rock Gutter victims

Local entertainers release CD in honour of Rock Gutter victims


A music CD produced in tribute to the lives lost in the Rock Gutter tragedy earlier this year will soon be available for purchase.

The project, which was spearheaded by Martin Quashie and Glenroy Delpeche, was done as “a labour of love” for the parents of the seven students who lost their lives {{more}}tragically at Rock Gutter on January 12, 2015.

Quashie, at a press conference yesterday, said he was not asked by anyone to produce the track or write the poem. He said he was moved to do so as a father and a Vincentian because of the heart-breaking nature of the accident that took place on the day.

Quashie, an officer in the Ministry of Culture, said the tribute, which is in the form of poem entitled ‘Voices From Beyond The Grave’, also has an accompanying track and musical interludes. He stated that he began to write the poem in May and then read it for Delpeche, who decided to add the musical track and chorus.

However, Quashie and Delpeche both stated that they did not want to release the CD without the blessing of the parents of the children who died in the tragedy, so they played the track for the parents and were given the green light to release it on the market.

Quashie stated that he had a radio launch of the CD on NBC radio and was shocked by the positive reaction of listeners who wanted to know if the track was available for purchase. He assured the public that proceeds from the sale of the CD will go towards the construction of a monument at the site of the accident, in conjunction with area representative Montgomery Daniel.

Adamant that neither he nor Delpeche is interested in receiving any money from the sale of the CD, Quashie said if Government decides to erect the monument, the money raised will then be given to the parents of the children.

People residing overseas who wish to purchase the CD may do so by contacting Quashie or Hezron Ballantyne, father of Simonnique Ballantyne who died in the accident, but whose body was never recovered. Quashie noted that Ballantyne says that a certain line in the chorus ‘Cheer up my mother, be courageous my father’ is what keeps him going daily.

Quashie also appealed to the public for their assistance in helping him to mass produce the CD, which, according to Delpeche, will be copyrighted at a later date.

The CD will be sold at $20 and the producers say they are open to anyone who wishes to make additional artistic contributions to the CD.

Seven secondary school children were killed when the minibus in which they were travelling ran off the road and plunged into the sea at Rock Gutter, Owia. Fourteen persons survived the accident.(CM)