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COP denies police officers arrested popular radio show co-host

COP denies police officers arrested popular radio show co-host


The Commissioner of Police (COP) has denied that police officers arrested a popular radio show co-host last week, following remarks he made on air regarding charges brought against a 17-year-old male student, who is alleged to have been filmed having sex {{more}}with a 13-year-old female student.

In a press release dated May, 8, 2015, COP Michael Charles stated that police officers were dispatched to summon Alex Barnwell to the Central Police Station so that Assistant Commissioner of Police (in Charge of Crimes) Frankie Joseph could speak with him “in relation to discussing matters on air that are before the Court.”

The release further outlined: “During the process, the situation escalated. However, Mr Barnwell was never arrested by the Police. Further, at no time during the radio programme did Mr Barnwell use pornography.”

SEARCHLIGHT reported in its May 8, 2015 edition that on Wednesday, May 6, Barnwell was escorted by three police officers from his workplace at the Hot 97 FM SVG radio station, and detained at the Central Police Station for a short period of time.

The release from the police also stated that the day after the incident, Barnwell was invited to a meeting with COP Charles, which was also attended by the Deputy Commissioner of Police and several Assistant Commissioners of Police to discuss the incident.

In our May 8, 2015 edition, Barnwell explained that during the meeting with the high-ranking police officers, the COP apologized to him several times for the manner in which the situation was mishandled.

“They apologized… he [Charles] said that the people [police officers] who came here yesterday were completely wrong… Charles himself was very firm in saying that’s not how they do things…because at the end of the day it reflects on the police force and it reflects on his office.”

Barnwell also said that the COP said that he will be taking all the officers involved in Wednesday’s fiasco to task about the way in which it was handled. (JSV)