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Canadian organization donates 1,000 books to SVGCC

Canadian organization donates 1,000 books to SVGCC


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College has benefited from a gift of 1,000 books through the philanthropic efforts of a group of Ontario-based Vincentians.

This is the second time that the group (SVG REMA) has donated books to the SVG Community College.{{more}} SVG REMA is affiliated with a Canadian charitable organization known as the Relief, Education and Medical Assistance Organization of Ontario (REMA).

The current set of books covers a wide range of disciplines, such as health, mathematics, sociology, business, computer sciences, etc.  

SVG REMA obtained the books as a gift from Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.  Shipment of the books to St Vincent and the Grenadines was paid for by the Toronto-based company, Superior Medical, which, over many years, has donated medical supplies and services to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The mandate of SVG REMA is to foster and promote relief, education and medical assistance to SVG nationals.

In the past SVG REMA has made donations to flood relief efforts in SVG, and during 2014, the organization established a music scholarship through the Methodist Church in Kingstown in memory of the late Pat Prescod; the scholarship to be given to an underprivileged child.  More recently SVG REMA facilitated the establishment and administration of a bank account on behalf of the various SVG organizations in Toronto, towards their relief efforts in assisting SVG following the unexpected destructive weather system of Christmas 2013.  In the diaspora SVG REMA has provided financial support to families in medical crisis situations.