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Local drummers form National Drum Movement

Local drummers form National Drum Movement


Last weekend was an historic one for drummers in St Vincent and the Grenadines, with the formation of a National Drum Movement.{{more}}

The Resistance Heart-beat drummers in partnership with the Department of Culture facilitated a National Drum conference at the Richmond Vale Academy.

Representatives of seven drumming groups attended the conference, which saw presentations from the Director of Culture Anthony Theobalds, Glenroy Sulle Caesar, Edgar Quammie Lewis and the Principal of the Richmond Vale Academy.

The major objective of the conference was to establish a National Drumming body that can plan and make decisions on behalf of its members.

A release from the drumming body said coming out of this conference, it was decided that the National organization, called the National Drum Foundation, would be managed by a seven-man working committee, whose duties include putting together a constitution for the organization.

The Chair of the working Committee is Victor Mwarta Byron of the Resistance Heart-beat Drummers; Secretary is Francine Matthews of the Galba Drummers; and the Public Relations officer is Demion Mc Tair of the Hairouna Progressive Organization. The committee, which met for the first time on Sunday, hopes to achieve social transformation, through drumming as a major focus.