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Sailor relaunches wider, improved ‘Bequia Pride’

Sailor relaunches wider, improved ‘Bequia Pride’


Bequian boat builder Arnold Hazell and the crew of the 28-foot sailboat “Bequia Pride” are hoping that the vessel will improve on its winnings after being widened by one foot recently.{{more}}

Paget Farm was in a celebratory mood on Sunday as scores of residents came out to witness the re-launch of the boat and to comment on its performance after being modified.

Hazell, 60, who is preparing for a regatta in Carriacou early August, told SEARCHLIGHT he believes the sailboat will perform better now that it is 9 feet 3 inches wide.

The 3-year-old sailboat has participated in nine regattas and has won two trophies in Canouan and another in Carriacou.

“It’s a good, competitive boat,” a smiling Hazell told SEARCHLIGHT.

“We always place high,” he further said.